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Town of Niagara, Marinette County, Wisconsin


If you are building a new home in the Town of Niagara, you will need to contact the UDC Inspector. Click on the button below to go to his web page...



please contact for state approval

Ryan Geiger

608-235-7405 [email protected]

For questions on Zoning click on our Zoning ordinance below:

updated November 2022

The Town of Niagara Comprehensive Plan. (Click here to view the document and here to view amendments)

Zoning Map (updated 2018)

Zonig map with shoreland and wellhead

two parcels have been updated since and are not on this map 

Permits and Applications: (click on name)

Building Form A  (updated 2/16/21)

Highlights of Building in Zoning Ordinance

Building FORM B (updated 2/16/21)

Fire Number Application (updated 2/16/21)

Driveway Application (updated 2/16/21)

Highlights of Driveway Ordinance

Temporary Use Application (updated 2/16/2021)

Use Application (updated 2/16/2021)

Waste Permit (updated 12/27/2021)

Variance Application

Public Gathering Application (updated 2/16/2021)

Public Gathering Permit - parades or demonstrations

Land Division Application (updated 4/20/21)

Weight Limit Exemption Permit

Cell Tower Application (updated 3/16/21)

Contact Bob Grandaw, Zoning Administrator, for all questions, permit information and applications.

715-548-1058 [email protected] 


Building permit $ 50.00

Demolition permit $ 10.00

Use permit $ 55.00

Cell Tower permit $50.00

Fire number sign $ 75.00

Portable storage, deck,

and lean-to bldg permit $ 10.00

Driveway permit $ 25.00

Certificate of Occupancy $ 5.00

Temporary Use $ 0.00

Variance $ 55.00

Public Gathering $ 25.00

Waste Permit Application $ 10.00

Land Division Application $ 50.00

Weight limit exemption permit $100.00

Plus mailing and publication costs where applicable

Late fee $100.00

Send the completed

applications and fee to:

Bob Grandaw

Town Of Niagara Zoning Administrator

N17221 Lily Lake Rd

Dunbar, WI 54119


[email protected]